Philip Wanke
Landscape Architect
Extension 203
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David Rothenberg
Extension 206
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Steve Sorenson
Professional Engineer
Extension 212
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Steven Biegel
Architecture Department Director - AIA, RA, LEED, NCARB
Extension 207
Kristen Boswell
Business Development Director
Extension 202
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Dan Campos
Senior Project Manager
Extension 208
Vince Shaw
Senior Civil Designer
Extension 220
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Corey Maxon
Operations Manager
Extension 221
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Laura Cordova
Extension 225
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Yiming Chu
Landscape Designer
Extension 223
Kevin Moser
Administrative Assistant
Extension 213
Naomi Aldape
Production Coordinator
Extension 218
Maria Neu
Extension 215
Valerie Lyall
Extension 211
Vance Clayborne
Civil Designer
Extension 216
Ashley Miller
Administrative Assistant
Extension 210
Ajaye Powell
Project Manager
Extension 217
Alvaro Garcia
Extension 226
Will Linhart
Francisco De Luna
Civil Designer
Extension 227
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