Ariana Cuvelier

Designer Architecture Studio

Ariana Cuvelier discovered early on what she wanted to become.  At seven years of age, when she started drawing floor plans, of which she still has, set things in motion.  It probably helped that both her parents are engineers.  That was the beginning and now she is part of our PLACE designers inc.  What happened between is just as interesting.  Ariana was on her way to the Olympics as a swimmer before choosing her education.  With her work on City Hall in Jersey City, TX., and Baldwin Boettcher Library in Humble, TX., as examples of her renderings, PLACE designers inc sought her out.  When you lastly consider her artistic renderings, which started off as a hobby and now is done professionally, you see how this all fits together to make her as she is, a talented and accomplished person.


Bachelor of Architecture – University of Houston, 2019