Craig A. Krause

Business Development

Craig Krause has the role of business development of PLACE designers inc.  Having taught training programs in eight countries, as Owner and Founder of Direct Development Training, Craig feels that title does not explain his responsibilities quite enough.  His strengths are relationships, communication, and improvement.  Not only for PLACE designers inc, but also their clients.  When relationships grow and people improve, everyone will be successful and accomplish much.


  • Ensuring the view our clients have of our firm from the outside matches the skill, experience, and success we have inside our firm
  • Assist in training the members of PLACE designers inc. in several facets.  Continuing the idea that “successful companies develop successful people”  
  • Serve as a contact for clients to aid in communications
  • Meet with current clients to train in business development
  • Helping their staff to improve in their performance
  • Identify and introduce PLACE designers inc. to potential clients
  • Seek out highly skilled partners for the firm


  • 2000-2005 Owner – Partner, Mighty Auto Parts
  • 2005-2008 Training and Sales Representative F.S.T.
  • 2009-Present Owner and Founder Direct Development Training
  • Written programs and taught thousands of people and businesses in eight countries
  • Business and Sales Coach