Nani Casarez

Civil Drafter

Nani Casarez is not one of your “always dreamed of being…” person. At least not concerning her career. In fact, her background might suggest another path going the opposite way.

Describing Nani as creative is an understatement. An artist who has sold a variety of her own personal creations ranging from paintings to custom jewelry might give you a starting point. Her poetry, a form of self-expression and inspired by music, allows her to tap into another facet of art.  While in college, her first couple years were spent “figuring things out”. Maybe it was her favorite kindergarten activity in school ‘Finish the drawing’ that finally steered her to where she is now.  Drawing terranes and subdivisions, a seed was planted.  Volunteering and her love of animals is how Nani gives back.  We appreciate all she brings to the firm


A. A. S. in Architectural & Engineering Computer Aided Design