Naomi Aldape

Project Scheduling Coordinator

Naomi Aldape found Place designers inc. as an opportunity to leverage her professional skill sets. After a long career in the legal field with a Fortune 500 company, she decided it was time to scale back. She took time to raise her family and volunteer within her community. With interest that goes beyond business, PLACE designers inc. came along. With the firm’s core values aligning with hers, a healthy relationship was forged.


  • Manages the day-to-day receivables and monthly projections for the firm
  • Collaborates with directors on staffing needs
  • Responsible on the firms profitability tracking
  • Assists CEO to ensure projects start and end in the deadlines purposed
  • Mediates between client and the disciplines on completion of project
  • Ensures compliance of project operation and procedures


  • Encouragement- the action of giving someone support, confidence, or hope
  • Reciprocation- return in kind or degree, wanting to
  • Relationships- family and friends as well as ones not familiar, bonding with similar beliefs
  • Priorities- making choices based on order of importance and not deviating